Famous Holly Wood Comedian

Here are the most famous Hollywood actors and actresses in Hollywood and their names are shining in the whole world. It is not easy to become to reach Hollywood actor. Here are they!

Johny Depp is one of the most loved comedian of all time. Among many of his famous movies, he is considered as the top actor for his amazing role as comedian in the entertainment industry.

Jim Carrey is the most famous Hollywood Comedian actor. He started his career when he was young adult. He is a good producer of film. His movies are one of the most viewed in the whole world. His most famous movies are ‘Bruce Almighty’, Truman Show.


Ed Helms is on the list. He is one of the most versatile artist in Hollywood. He could hide everything about him just to perform an amazing role he is tasked with.

Ellen DeGeneres is one of the most active comedian and writer in her time. She has been awarded for her wit and skills in all her programs. She is now old but still active.

Jude Apatow founded his career and moved to Hollywood as an actor. He also became a director and afterwards, he established the Apatow productions. He is known for his comic role in the film ‘The 40-year old Virgin’. He is really good best in his roles. He suits it perfectly.

Adam Sandler is quite good for his leading roles in all the movies he played with. He did not fail to meet the standards of the Hollywood. He is perfect for his movie ‘Remote Control’.

Kristen Wiig is the number one best loved female comedian in America. Saturday Night Live is her best comedian show. It is really fantastic and adorable. You could not help but to laugh on her actions.

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